AMC Theatres Script To Screen: Snow White And The Huntsman

amctheatres.com We were able to attend the “Snow White and the Huntsman” panel at Comic-Con and gain some insight into what is purported to be the darker and grittier of the two “Snow White” reimagining’s currently in production.

Kristen Stewart stars as the ousted Snow who must become a warrioress. The actress is paired with the strapping Chris Hemsworth as the huntsman who trains her and Charlize Theron will take a turn as the evil Queen. Sam Clafin rounds out the cast as the essential-to-Snows-survival Prince Charming.

Visually dynamic commercial director Rupert Sanders helms the film and expressed a great deal of enthusiasm about the prospect of losing his “cinematic virginity” with this, his first feature film. Sanders screened an impressive reel for the fans along with a short teaser he had crafted for his actors to give them of sense of his vision for this film. The visuals in the teaser were accompanied by poetic voice over giving the audience a sense of the tone that this version of the tale will take.

The concluding line is both foreboding and exciting -- an invitation into an unfamiliar world. A dark and chilling seduction which tells us, “Death is the mouth and you are the apple.”

Producer Joe Roth said his film is a “tough, active, male-female picture…on the scale of ‘The Lord of the Rings.’”

Stewart said she was drawn to the character in that Snow is “completely without vanity,” and “unselfconscious” a young woman she describes as “a peoples leader.” The actress also indicated that she is incredibly enthused about the stunts that will be a part of the very battle-heavy film.

Charlize Theron feels that her Queen will be a villain with dimension, a “serial killer,” whose motives will be explored in a more nuanced manner than may be expected.

At the conclusion of the panel Sanders provided the audience with a visial tease of his actors in their roles when he revealed the first character posters for the film.

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