Kristen Featured in MTV's 'Star Who Wear See-Through Shirts'

style.mtv.com Aside from the abundance of lace that's been dominating the red carpet this summer, another see-through trend has recently emerged: the visible bra. We're not talking a peekaboo strap, either, we're talking a full-on, in yo' face, "here's my bra!" statement. Fashion darlings from Kristen Stewart to Gwen Stefani nail it. So what's their secret to taking this look from taboo to trend? It's all in choosing the right undergarments, ladies. First of all, you must be covered. COMPLETELY covered. This look is about snazz not sleaze, so save the lace for over not under.


See-through shirt trend

Take Kristen Stewart's black bra underneath a thin, white T-shirt at the Breaking Dawn panel at Comic-Con. What could be a fashion faux pas actually appears to be a brazen style choice that works with jeans and beat-up Converse.

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