Kristen Visiting Rob on the set of Cosmopolis in Toronto - July 7 + Tweets

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nuccilein Confirming with my own two eyes KStew is in Tdot with RPattz!! P.s. Bear Pattinson was there too!! Not to leave him out! Lunch break for the cast and crew! Dinner for 3 has been brought to Rob's trailer!

amandajreynolds Just saw Kristen Stewart at the Cosmopolis set. Yup. Apparently with bear too! she is in the trailer. definitely will try but I am sure someone else here did. She was out of the car and into the trailer so fast. she went by too fast. But will try when she comes out of the trailer. Omg worst camera phone ever. Very blurry white blob on the right is rpattz. That's it. I'm out. Pic

janeanee_ guitaroflove jeans and a t shirt.. Regular k-stew attire.
barabraStaff Bear and Kristen just walked into Rob's trailer! Pics are coming..she's here! @BarbaraStaff @faeryluvr someone got a clear pic of kristen..should be out tonight.
Steve_s2001Rpattz fans you guys will be thanking me soon.... Stay tuned. The mystery will be solved soon...
PattinsonPost Rob just left the trailer. They are filming two interior shots and one exterior shot.*SPOILER* Exterior shot by dumpster with Packer being filmed tonight. nterior shots being filmed first. #Cosmopolis

The scene outside Rob's trailer They have broken for lunch. Nothing will happen for an hour.

After the lunch break

tcityrklove "CRYING CAUSE JUST BEFORE HE CAME OUT THEY PUT UP A SCREEN". When they opened the trailer to tell him it was almost time, I heard Bear barking. :) so, you can't really even see him but I assure you he was sitting in there clear trailer pic

AStafierri Just heard BEAR bark on the set of #Cosmopolis. Rob just stepped back out of his trailor, and back on the set of @Cosmopolis

barabraStaff Someone opened the door to the trailer and bear barked!..so cute.

taaatyyBear is DEFF on set; dean opened rob's trailer and we heard the loudest bark.

PattinsonPostThe crowd has been moved back and black screens have been put up, blocking the view. #Cosmopolis

nuccileinCrew setting up for a new shot down an alley with a green screen background! RPattz, KStew and Bear chilling in Rob's trailer!! RPattz now back on set! Rumor is that KStew may have already left! Back to the trailer... Fire on set!! Just a wee little one though...Back to set for Rob!

Kristen's visiting Rob on the set of his latest movie Cosmopolis in Toronto! Little tired, but always Cute K :)

thanks kstewartfans and tweets via robstenation

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