More on Comic-Con: Robsten Videos and Rob Wants to Work with Kristen Again

Showbizspy Rob — who’s believed to be dating the actress — has revealed he’d like to work with Stewart again when they finish making the Twilight movies.

“I’d love to
,” Rob replied when asked if he’d ever star in a movie with Kristen again. He said he didn’t know how the fans would respond but repeated that he’d love to.

Rob also spoke about the honeymoon sex scene with Kristen which he again said was awkward.

Just get lubed up and jump right into it!” he laughed, ”Get some tantric breathing … You’re playing Twister."

see the interview video here: youtube.com/watch?v=suY2mCle3q0&feature=player_embedded

Cineplex "This is great," Rob enthused, bumping shoulders with his co-star as they took their seats. "We haven't done an interview together in forever!"

From their favourite finale moments to the perils of fame, Pattinson and Stewart took the time to open up to Cineplex about their incredibly anticipated fall film. Check out some highlights of the interview below:


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Press conference:

MTV Comic-Con Special Videos:

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