New 'Breaking Dawn' Fan Made Poster

The birth scene is so different from everything else in the movie,” Rob told the audience last week at Comic-Con. “For a fantasy series it goes quite far. It’s hardcore, it’s graphic. There’s no other way to do it. It was fun.”

I thought it was so cool,” Kristen told the audience. “I think we did try to go as hardcore as we could. It’s not your typical birthing scene. It took two days to shoot.”

okmagazine.com This rendering of Kristen as Bella Swan a la vampire is pretty bizarre. Touted on Twilight fan sites as the new Breaking Dawn movie poster, the photo features K-Stew as Bella coddling her newborn vampire hybrid baby with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), Renesmee — all against a moonlit backdrop.

The poster, via Deadline Hollywood, was not released by Summit Entertainment, meaning it’s fake and most probably a fan-made Photoshop job trying to get Twi-hards riled up.

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