New Fan Encounter with Rob and Kris on the set of Cosmopolis, July 6

With Toronto being the shooting location for half of the new David Cronenberg film, Cosmopolis, Twilight fans have been out in full force trying to catch a glimpse of the film's star, Robert Pattinson. The Toronto portion of the production is scheduled to be wrap mid-month, with the remainder of the film shooting on locations in New York City. Trailers have been spotted all over the downtown core of the city for weeks, with scenes filming often in the West-end in the Dundas and Ossington area (notably in Lakeview Restaurant), the Bloor and Davenport area and last week, night shoots on Esplanade. It has also been rumoured that Robert has been seen frequenting bars in the area with crew members over the past few weeks.

Twitter was all a buzz earlier in the week after an employee tweeted that the film would be shooting in his office building and Temperance street in the financial district of the city was taken over for two days of set-up. While the production was rumoured to be filming there on July 6th, many people were not aware that the second to last on-location night shoot was set to be shooting on Geary Street, just north of Dufferin and Dupont. Passersby and some fans, gathered around a park in the residential neighbourhood to watch as a scene outside of an auto mechanic's garage was set up with the vandalized prop limousine and NYC taxi cabs.

Further down Geary Street, the trailers lined the road with a Vacationer trailer with the name Eric Packer (Pattinson's character name) taped to the door located next to a park. Myself and two friends, being some of the only fans at the location at that point, were the only ones to have seen the trailer and went to sit on a bench on the park to see if Robert Pattinson would stop to meet us before heading to the set. At around 9pm, within 15 minutes of being by the trailer, his car appeared but was met by one of the production staff, rushing him immediately to set because he was late. We assumed we had missed our chance but stayed in the park to see the car return 10 minutes later. Robert's bodyguard Dean was the first to exit the car and opened the door to let Kristen Stewart get out of the car, followed by Robert Pattinson who had his dog Bear on a leash. Kristen was the first to come towards the trailer, she was friendly and said hi and we asked if we could take a picture, she nodded and began to take off her backpack. We asked if they would do a picture with both of them together and promised that we wouldn't post it or tell anyone. Kristen laughed, shrugged and said that it was fine.

Bodyguard Dean, approached with Rob and began loudly informing us that under no circumstances was anybody taking any pictures because Rob does not take photos or sign autographs until he has finished filming for the day and he stood by the door of the trailer, with Rob walking with Bear behind him. Kristen stood there for a minute looking unsure and then went into the trailer. Rob went behind his bodyguard as Dean continued to inform us that this was not going to happen. Rob brought the dog in the door of the trailer and handed the leash to Kristen and then turned back around in the doorway. He had to peek out from under his bodyguard's arm, who was blocking the trailer door and try to interrupt the tyrade of Nos that Dean was giving us. Rob argued that he would take a picture now because the scene was going to shoot late and he said that he didn't want us to have to wait arounf all night. We were surprised and appreciative for the opportunity, because with his bodyguard insisting that he not take the time to stop and meet us, we were quite sure that he was just going to join Kristen in the trailer. He came over and said that he had no problem with us posting the pictures but not to tell anyone about the location of the shoot, as it had not been discovered by fans yet. We promised and each posed for an individual photograph with him. What we were not aware of prior to posing for the picture was that putting your arm around him was not a good idea. It is a natural reflex to put your arm around someone in a photo when they put their arm around you. This is not the case with Robert Pattinson. I was the last of us to get my photo taken and had not noticed any reaction from my friends while they were posing for their photos, however when Robert put his arm me, I went to do the same on his back, only to have his bodyguard roughly grab my hand and throw by arm away. I was taken off guard from having my arm practically yanked from the socket and thought we were under attack or something, so i reacted loudly and turned around before realizing what had happened and apologized to Rob saying I hadn't realized I wasn't allowed to touch him. Rob laughed and said no, that it was ok. Well, Rob, apparently, no it's not. Other than that incident of excessive force on his bodyguard's part, the experience was good. (I'm thinking that perhaps informing people not to touch the talent in advance may be an acceptable alternative to practically maiming his fanbase, but that's just me). We thanked Rob and told him to enjoy the rest of the night and he wished us the same.

Shortly afterwards, he went to a nearby trailer to have his makeup done and when he emerged he spoke to our friend who had unfortunately just missed our photo session. He approached her and explained that he knew she had just missed him but that because he was in makeup he couldn't take a picture. He said he never poses when he is in makeup because it is all caked on and he doesn't feel comfortable taking pictures with it on. Around midnight, after he had gone to set, Kristen came out and walked the dog in the park next to the trailer.

It was interesting that we were able to meet her because there had been so much speculation about whether or not she was coming to Toronto to visit him after she was seen at LAX being assisted by an Air Canada employee on July 4th. Besides our encounter, there had been no accounts of seeing her in the city until then, except for two other fans who approached the trailer later on in the night and saw her look out the trailer window. The uproar everyone experienced from “Robsten” fans all over the world was unexpected, but I guess we underestimated the fervour of their fanbase. After mentioning that she had been seen, we witnessed an outpouring of messages from all over the world, mostly negative in nature arguing the validity of our statements and even some who actually seemed outraged by them. Fans from South American and Europe were cursing us in languages we didn't even understand, calling us liars and I still haven't been able to fathom why anyone would bother to doubt it or become so angry at the possibility that it was true. Luckily, when she joined him on set on July 7th at the Temperance Street location photographic proof of her whereabouts was made available. She spent the night in his trailer while he shot two scenes inside the building and one outside that involved walking through a gate to “break into” an old building. Afterwards he came and signed for about 50 fans who had stayed until he had finished shooting, changed and removed his makeup. Kristen made her way from the trailer to the car while the fans were distracted by Rob signing autographs and luckily, my friend who had been unfortunate to have missed him the night before was able to get a picture. He originally said he couldn't because he would “get in trouble” with all the fans there, but with some coaxing, he agreed, even after joking with us and his bodyguard about how she could just photoshop herself into the picture he had taken with her twin sister the night before. The remaining scenes of the movie which are set to wrap up on the 14th or 15th of this month will be shot in studio.

thanks my lovely reader Milla for sharing! :)

By Sarah Bradley via mboyentertainment

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