New Kristen Sighting in Canada? And Kristen now in NY?

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UPDATE ON KRISTEN: Mr.Will W @CanBallReport confirms he saw Kristen Stewart at Toronto Island Airport on his way to NYC today out of Toronto. She's gone! it looks like it. he mentioned flying "regional", which is porter. she appears to have been flying porter which wouldn't fly to LA. NYC is likely.
Canballreport "In the airport on the way to NYC and standing in front of me, incognito, is that lead chick from Twilight what's her name. Yeah ... The Twilight chick's name is Kristen Stewart. She was totally listening in on my convo with my wife too."

"And I'm even more impressed tht people placed me in an airport I wasn't at. Jeez people are on some stuff. And unfortunately no pics peeps. I genuinely hope Stewart was at least enjoying the Andy Sandberg convo we were having. Dude is funny as hell.
@Juli_beronda no she was on a different plane, likely to a different city."

source oRGw via lasagarobsten robstenation

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