Robsten Sighting! Iguana Vintage Clothing in Sherman Oaks (July 17)

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IGUANA Vintage Clothing: "Sherman Oaks" had Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson of "TWILIGHT" come in to shop vintage for a hour or so. Pretty awesome!!! We love that show. IGUANA wants to thank them for shopping with us. Lets pass on the great word of IGUANA Vintage Clothing."
posted on Sunday July 17, 2911 at 11:31 pm

"We were wrong!!! TWILIGHT is a series of films. I guess we were thinking of TRUE BLOOD. Have a great week IGUANA fans!!!"

"yes BOTH were in the Sherman Oaks location yesterday afternoon. We have seen Kristen come into our Sherman oaks Iguana location several times, but first time for Robert!!"

thanks offline82 via robstenation

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