Kristen and Rob Name Their Favorite Books

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source bsckids via kstewartfans MSN recently released a list of different celebrities and their favorite books. Of course, they provided our favorite vampires or at least the stars of Twilight favorites.

Surprisingly Kristen Stewart has a John Steinbeck novel as her personal favorite! It is called “Cannery Row”, which is about the blue collars and their lives in Monterey. It is a very intellectual choice for an actress. While Robert Pattinson is a big reader, he has chosen a book that offers variety for his favorite:” Charles Baudelaire: Complete Poems”. He has also stated that he is an avid reader. The list also gives the president’s favorite and also past presidents, along with a slew of other celebrities.

Their favorites are not what you would expect! But it also proves that they have so much more to them than we ever expected. These facts will make great conversation topics! I also have a feeling that many people will jump back into reading after finding out that 2 of the hottest stars like to read. Only good can come out of this list.

What do you think about this list? Are you surprised by their favorite books? I am surprised, but I think we all knew that they had to have more to them than acting. I do wish that they provided us with a longer list of books. That would have offered their fans a wider selection and get a better idea at what their taste are. Still, it is something that should please their fans and offer us a closer look at their personality.

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