Kristen's Interview with Tele5 (Germany)

From tele5.de Translation by Robsteners

Tele5 How will the 'Twilight' impact on pop culture movies?
Kristen: People will never forget Twilight. Movies that stick with you like that are rare. And we have inspired many new films. Hopefully I'm going to be able to be part of a few.

TELE5: Tell us a little bit of 'Breaking Dawn'. There's a wedding, honeymoon ...
Kristen: It was great to play this unshakable love. Previously there have been moments where you had to wonder if the two will make it. This time around, they are incredibly close, like a family. Bella and Edward are not only lovers, but deeply connected. They're married, it's done. And it's great to see how they cope with their problems. The crisis, if they are going to have their child or not. Bella has never been so vulnerable. And he has never been so angry. This time around everything is a little more serious and somber.

TELE5: Have you yourself changed over the years?
Kristen: For me it's really big thing coming to an end. My career was very breathless. Now I can take a break and ask myself, "Where do I stand right now? How do I feel? Where do I want to go? " I'm not used to that.

TELE5: What makes a hero in your eyes? Do you know one in real life?
Kristen: A hero wants more than just a narcissistic pursuit of happiness. Taylor, for example is such an incredibly passionate person. He has a stronger personality than most people I know. I'm sure in the right situation he would behave like a real hero.

TELE5: In 'Twilight' and soon in 'Snow White' you spend a lot of time in the deep, dark forest. What dangers lurk there?
Kristen: Snow White and Bella are of course very different. But there are some very specific fears that the two of them share. I think both are classic heroines. And both face up to their fear.

TELE5: Would you wear Bella's wedding dress in real life?
Kristen: I love my wedding dress. I love it. It's very classic. I feel it very seriously and pretty and exquisite. I like it when ceremonies have a nostalgic touch.

TELE5: Did you have a say in the design of the dress?
Kristen: A little. There were many decision makers involved. The whole thing was a huge affair. But there were a few things that were particularly important to me. Those I insisted on.

TELE5: What's your opinion on marriage?
Kristen: I'm not that keen on marrying. I don't think it's wrong but I just don't feel it. It can be something wonderful. But it is meaningless if you don't believe in it. I don't need a marriage certificate in order to feel connected to someone. That certainly has something to do with how I grew up. I'm not a fan of marriage, I'm a fan of people. I love the idea of two people being together forever. I'm very corny and sentimental.

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