Make-up Artist Elias Hove Tweets about Kristen + Marcus Foster Talks About Kristen

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EliasMakeup/EliasHove Kristen is looking AMAZING in the music video I did with her! #kristenstewart #marcusfoster.
EliasMakeUp Tumblr The Marcus Foster music video I did with Kristen is out! She looks beautiful, Im very happy!

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thisislondon.co.uk Foster, 25, who has a debut album coming out this month, enlisted Kristen Stewart to star in his new video, launching today on YouTube. And growing up in south-west London, Robert Pattinson - Stewart's co-star in the vampire movies franchise - was Foster's best friend at Harrodian School in Barnet.

The Boat That Rocked star Tom Sturridge, whose siblings were fellow pupils, became another pal. So when Foster got a record deal and decided the first single, I Was Broken, from the album needed a boost, Sturridge devised a script and Stewart responded quickly to an email request to star.

"I called in favours. I'm really lucky," Foster said. The video was wrapped up in five days in Kentish Town last week. The single is out on September 19 with the album, Nameless Path, a week later.

thesun.co.uk Kristen was without her Twilight co-star fella during a "real-life gaming experience" to promote new PS3 game Resistance 3 in London.

And although she should be used to frights from her day job in vampire films, Kristen needed comforting after being chased by some actors dressed as zombies.

Theo explained: "She was s******* herself. I never met her before but I had an urge to protect her."
The frontman continued: "I was putting my arm around her, batting off these zombies.

"She's a cool girl and got really into it. I just hope she appreciated my help."

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