A very sweet fan encounter with Kristen and Rob in London

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Fan account - Sept 4th, 2011

full account here - @krenidivadi via @RPLife
All right. I was ready to go to my dads house, so I opened my front door, turned to look into the house waiting for my mother, then I turned around and saw a couple. I looked at them and gasped. It was ROBERT PATTINSON AND KRISTEN STEWART. I screamed and fell on the floor crying. My brother ran downstairs because he thought i was hurt. Then he was like WHAT HAPPENED and I was like ROBERT! KRISTEN! and they turned around, didnt see anything and walked to the party. My brother looked and grimaced.

"Want to meet them?"

"YES OMG YES" still crying :S then he said get the camera and your blackberry and then he took me to meet them. I was still crying my eyes out and long story short, I got to meet them, and I got a hug from Rob and I was told to cheer up and Kristen said she would never hate me because my brother said if I didnt shut up they would hate me.

But I still have tears in my eyes after like one hour. I cant get over, they were so sweet even though we basically crashed their party! Rob was wearing a shirt, a grey hoodie, trousers and sneakers and Kristen was all in black with hair extensions.

Im so lucky, and so happy. Gah I still cant believe it!
Dont believe me? Nobody likes you & I have proof.

Just saw Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart outside my door.. Crying so much but I got a hug!! I have pictures! I'm so happy I can't even!!!

I can't believe I'm still sobbing a little bit. Its been 1h. God though. They were holding hands & I just started 2 cry bro took me 2 them(:

Rob was inside the house, it was my neighbours party, but there are 1s w/ him on the camera.

They were the best. i was crying & my brother goes shut up or theyll hate u and she says "We wouldnt hate her! Aww"

Outside. Then he vanished into the house while I was playing paparazzi & snapping pictures.

They were holding hands when they walking down the street, before they noticed I was having a fandom breakdown ._.

It was a party, and they looked happy with drinks & stuff

They looked scared to see me crying, but my brother explained. So all good, they were adorable. people at the party laughed

They seemed VERY much in love. Holding hands & laughing together.

He was like "Ah stop crying" in a joky way.

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