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Capricho magazine spoke with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner and discovered what happened behind the racks of the most anticipated scene of the series: The wedding of Bella and Edward in Breaking Dawn - Part 1!

The great day of Isabella Swan! To the sound of Flightless Bird, American Mouth Iron & Wine, take a deep breath and squeeze it really hard Charlie's arm before entering the garden of the Cullen family home, while Edward tries to hide a passionate smile when he sees his Birthday greatest dream. Ay, Ay. It will be impossible to hold back the tears when attending the most awaited since the release of Twilight: The wedding of Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn - Part 1, which opens on November 18. At that very moment. 'll Love to see the honeymoon of the couple, which was recorded in Rio de Janeiro in November 2010. That moment was so special that it will hold a premiere in Rio! Capricho magazine was at Comic Con, the United States in June and spoke to the players. Kristen says she did not like recording with a baby robot, revealed that Rob was nervous about having to take off his shirt and told us how Tay was the primer. Prepare your hearts!

How was filming in Brazil?
Kristen: It was pretty cool to record real streets and see people while we were recording.

Robert: It was different. The best thing to have fans around the world is that each country has a different reaction. In the United States and Canada, the fans just try to take pictures, while in Brazil, people will grab you and they'll drag them in the set! [Laughs] It was fun.
Taylor: I love Brazil, but did not. But they went there and showed me a picture of an extra who was just like me. I saw the picture and thought it was me! [Laughs] It was very strange! They even had to change the camera position because of the boy. [Laughs] It would be very funny that the camera was filming Edward and Bella and "Jacob" in the background. [Laughs]

What was the most tense scene you had to shoot?
Stewart: Sure, the wedding scene. Plan was in the secret service. The team was nervous, crying all the time on set: "You can not use the phone! Not know what this means for people! That dress is going to end up on the internet, and I will die." [Laughs] It was crazy. And I covered with the layer of the Volturi because it was all I had to hide. It was very funny

What is your favorite scene?
Taylor: I always get to choose a scene, but this time I have to disappoint you! Disulpad. [Laughs] There are so many things happening with all the characters dealing with their personal panic is important to choose a scene. Jacob changed much since the beginning of the movie!
Kristen: Do not want to offend you guys, but I will not choose just one scene. I love mine scene with Charlie at the wedding and one with Renesmee.
Robert: For me it is the nativity scene because it is very different from the rest of the film. It's a difficult scene and very strong.

What were you doing on set when you were not recording?
Rob: Kristen was cooking channel on television, especially in the set. [Laughs] It was weird. It had a TV in the makeup trailer. It was his only demand diva: having the TV plugged into the cooking channel all the time everywhere. [Laughs]
Kristen: Taylor knows dance. He does not like talking about it, but manages to move her hips in a way that I would not dream to do! It's crazy! [Laughs]
Taylor: Ok. You're right, Kristen. It is in the makeup trailer where it all happens. [Laughs]

What scene made you more nervous?
Taylor: I was very tense at the scene had to do the primer, or what that means. [Laughs]
Robert: [laughs] How wonderful! The mark of Jacob in the movie!
Taylor: It was a challenge! I spent much time talking to Bill [Condon] and Stephenie Meyer asking: "Ok, guys, how is the primer?" [Laughs] It was difficult, I hope we've done a good job.
Robert: It's embarrassing, but the scene in the one I was nervous is where I take off my shirt. [Laughs]
Kristen: Oh, at least you were honest. That was great. [Laughs]
Robert: Most of the books talk about the body of Edward and seem to paste the entire series trying to take off the shirt. In Breaking Dawn, I thought, "I'm not going to be able to use the shirt when in the sea." [Laughs]

What was the strangest thing you've collected?
Kristen: I could not carry the baby sometimes. It went very well with Mackenzie Foy, which is the most amazing girl I know. But the other girls that played the smaller version of Renesmee, were not there every day, then I felt comfortable and could not catch them. It was ridiculous! Once I was taking a girl and she was so nervous that I peed on it. [Laughs]
Robert: We had even a baby robot, in the scene where Bella first sees the girl.
Kristen: Yes! The worst thing is that this is one of my favorite parts of the book! So it was very strange when I knew there would be a real girl.
Robert: And if Chuck, the film 'evil doll Chucky. " [Laughs]
Stewart: [Laughs] And the guys who ran the robot were so close to me I could even feel his sweat. [Laughs] They made the robot's hand touched my face and my hair and stretched me a little of it, and I thought, "Ahhh, that take away from there! Give me a real baby! This is ridiculous." [Laughs] When I read the book, I imagined how great it would make that scene ...
Robert: So you had a mechanical baby wig. [Laughs] looked like one of those elves who were placed on the tip of a pencil. Chuck was the Renesmee.

We'll have to wait until November 18, 2012 when Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere to see the transformation of Bella into a vampire, because the first film ends at that time. In the last film in the series, we will see accelerated growth Renesmee. She will be played by four different girls (Mackenxie Foy, Eliza Faria, Rachel St. Gelais, Sierra Pitkin), but the official aspect of Nessie is Mackenzie - was used the Avatar film technology to superimpose the terms of the other girls! And in the second film we see the expected scene between Jacob and Renesmee primer. But big time when the Volturi will go after the girl, since they do not accept the existence of a girl half vampire, half human. And that's when Bella discovers his power. What tension!

Capricho magazine discovered what happened after the racks of the best scenes of the first film the end of the saga!

The wedding scene is a favorite of Kristen. "It's official: We will be together," he told Cineplex. She said she was nervous: "It was nice to see everyone sitting for my wedding." How sweet!
Rob and Kristen were in Brazil to film the honeymoon: the scenes of the boat and the Isle Esme. Some scenes on the beach had to be re-recorded in the Caribbean because of bad weather was in Rio!
Renesmee's birth was delayed two days to be filmed and run several special effects makeup techniques and computer for Bella seemed weaker and thinner.
Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is the premiere, people and love the soundtrack! The first song that has come to light has been "Will It Rain" by Bruno Mars, assigned exclusively to the film. The album, which hits stores on November 8, which has 15 songs, including Sister Rosetta indie band The Noisettes, the song Flightless Bird, American Mouth Iron & Wine, which will sound during the wedding. In the list of songs that came to light does not appear Renesmee's Lullaby (Edward composes song for the girl), but producer Jack Morrisay confirmed that Rob will perform in the film. Great!

Robsten LOVERS
People have seen growing love between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson for four years of the Twilight saga!
Like Edward and Bella, Robert and Kristen look more and more passionate. In 2010, the couple celebrated Christmas with Rob's family and traveled to the romantic Isle of Wight, England, by the end of the year - was the second time I went to years together. In April came the most awaited by fans of Robsten: the first kiss in front of the cameras - inside a car, after the premiere of Water for Elephants in New York. At the premiere of the film in Germany, a reporter asked Rob about his girlfriend and he respondión laugh: "She's in LA." He surrendered! In the MTV Movie Awards, there was another flare: Kris and Rob's hand caught in the backstage after receiving (for the third time) the award for best kiss. Even living in different cities and working hard, the couple always has some time to look. In September, Kristen was in Britain filming Snow White and the Huntsman (in which she plays Snow White) and Rob came to visit. In a break from recording, he took her to visit the places which had been raised as a child, as your school or a cafe, and also came out with Tom Sturridge, Rob's best friend and his girlfriend Sienna Miller. It is the perfect match!

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