SWATH Update: Casting News and Tweets

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Rachael Stirling as Anna who also starred opposite Rob in 'The Haunted Airman' as Julia Jugg.
Christopher Obi as the MirrorMan has appeared in television ("Dr. Who"), film and stage. He was also the voice over for the SWATH sample/test footage, director Rupert presented at Comic Con, listen HERE via robstenation

"Who will you be when faced with the end? The end of a kingdom, the end of good men...
Will you run, will you hide or will you hunt evil down with a venomous pride?
Rise to the ashes... Rise to the winter sky... Rise to the calling.... Make her the battle cry.
Let us scream through the mountains... from the forest to the chapel.... because death is a hungry mouth... and you are the apple.
So who will you be when faced with the enemy? When the vultures are circling and the shadows descend.
Will you cower or will you fight? Is your heart made of glass or with pure snow white?"

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More Tweets: So it's possible that K could've been ANYWHERE.
@POORATTY @skipped_a_beat yep that's totally possible most likely windsor cos that's where they filming the stars ATM. :-)

malenacasey malena casey @POORATTY Have you seen anyone yet? #snowwhiteandthehuntsman

@POORATTY @malenacasey it's all the doubles there this week. The actors and actresses are arriving next week. :-)

DanFilm Get ready for SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN! Cause it will blow your mind!

@POORATTY @DanFilm Their currently filming in the lake district about 10miles out from where I live!! For snow white and the huntsman.

via lasagarobsten

Here's the clip from Comic Con thanks PattinsonStew karaokegod

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