SWATH Update: Tweets, Fan Accounts and Set Pics


by @thejamesbaker

compilation thanks to fiercebitchstew


Max Manganello


"Very nice, I am one of the Duke's army guys... the good one! Dress reharsal yesterday! Awesome! Tuesday i start shooting :-)"

"Pinewood studios tomorrow morning at 6.30am.... ouch!! 2hrs drive to go there! I will be a very tiired warrior ;-)"

"It's a wrap for today. Kristen hurt herself... nothing scary. We shoot on friday"

"Here we go waiting and drinking more coffee!!!

Jamie Blackley

"throat is torn to pieces. Need to get better 4.30am pick up for #SWATH GIVE ME SOME REMEDIES!!"

Glenn Ellis

" I may be playing a certain Duke! X"

Ryan Scott

"Rehearsed for dukes army yesterday in the castle with KS & CH #SWATH. I hope Kristen gets better so I can get back to work!"

"Back on set tomorrow! May the battles continue :-)"

"Snow White & The Huntsman dude, just on my way to london for another week or two for the moment"

Sam Clafin

"is geared up and ready to go!... on set @PinewoodStudios."

Duncan Mais

"Kristen has injured her left foot, spend most of the day in her trailer however,she was up walking about this afternoon."

"Just wrapped up another great day with the SWATH family. Day off tomorrow. see you all Thursday! "

Markus Copeland

"SWATH tomorrow. Getting up at 4:30, the glamorous life of an extra. Wonder if I'll see any of the cast?"

"Kristen stewart is really pretty in person!"

"Not really, we were just filming together (she was an extra and I was the lead, or something like that)"

"She was cool. Also, apologies if you got attacked by many random people."

"For everyone who's asking, no I didn't talk to Kristen Stewart, she literally walked past me, she was cool, she's a hardworking actress"

"and I can't talk about the scene I shot today, though I will say it should look AWESOME!"

"Yes mate! She is. I wanted to give her a hug, like. Seemed really down-to-earth. Well... for Snow White, at least!"

"Yeah, there were a few other actors I didn't recognise, so I can't count them! She was getting ready for a scene. so wrong time!"

"She's REALLY pretty in person. but also seemed cool and down-to-earth. But then, you knew that..."

"I need to shower. I've still got villager make-up all over my torso. REALLY can't go to bed with that..."

"Ooooooh I would LOVE to, but they'd kill me for taking photos! Also, I look ill. That's not slang, it looks like I've got fever!"

"The Runaways. Let's do this. K-Stew to the rescue!"

"haha we'll call it professional respect."

"Runaways was awesome, as expected. Yahtzee app possessed me for a while..."

James Baker

imagebam.com imagebam.com

"most of the activity is at Pinewood at the moment. Not in Brecon for a fee days"

"I'm looking after stabling for the horses for both units. Am in the dark about schedules at the moment for Wales..."

"The rain has finally stopped but it's still very bleak here in Brecon #SWATH

"The unit is not in Brecon. I'm here doing the de-rig. So no main cast here at the mo.."

"Back up at Bourne Wood now. More stables to put up #SWATH"

"Stables are now up and ready to go at Bourne Wood. That's me done for the day #SWATH

"Busy day today. Back @PinewoodStudios tomorrow for #SWATH and then to the premier of 'Solito' in Leicester Sq on Weds #goodtimes"

Sarah Molkenthin

" thankyou, I am playing a peasant lady x"

"yeah i do, no dialogue with them but were in same scenes x"

Russell Honeywell

"Dry firing and running away from horses... Fun! Saw Thor and the bird from Twilight though, she's a moody one."

"they want to fit u's as archers for the other side on Thursday. Has added another 10 days work."

"also K-Stew apparently injured herself at end of day. Nothing to do with me, first time not used. I was off finding coffee."

" haven't even found craft. Call was 6, on set before 7, lunch on set, only had time to get the odd coffee. Tomorrow I investigate"

"did get extra for being in the way of the horses. Mainly because they shouldn't have put us there!"

"So am I, though arrived at 6 and already into costume. Now playing the waiting game..."

Nick Frost

"It's 4am. Sitting here in make up. Been here an hour..."

"I'm doing Snow White and the Huntsman. Not just sitting in the dark at home in make up."

"Morning all. Had a great evening with friends and family at Tintin premiere. Yes i'm bald! it's for a film i'm doing. #swath"

Craig Garner

"It's soooooooooo cold today! Sat in my trailer wrapped up warm waiting for breakfast, :-) x"

"filming is going great thanks. I can't say a word I'm afraid lol. :-)"

Pinewood Studios

"@nickjfrost back with us? Best of luck with the shoot today"

Richard Rowden

"Fittings friday for a knight in the new snow white movie... Heading to pinewood studios with Chris hemisworth."

"it's only a small role but I get a little screen time... Which is cool"

Mick Fryer-Kelsey

"playing village carpenter on Snow White and the Huntsman"

Al Francis

"Been filming on Snow White and the Huntsman for the last few days, more next week hopefully!"

"filming at pinewood at the mo :-)"

"would love to but signed a confidentiality agreement so better not! I can say its looking awesome though :-)"

"not met her personally, but she was there in the scenes. Not allowed to say much more than that, soz!"

"I shall be so glad to shave this beard off when we wrap on #SWATH. Tis far too itchy! :-&"

"Early to bed tonight. 3:30am wake up to get to pinewood for more #SWATH"

"Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off to #SWATH i go ;-)"



I'm not sure if this picture is from SWATH filming, but it looks like it.

"Looking 4ward to a weekend off before more filming on SWATH on Monday so putting together a Halloween costume to scare off trick-a-tweeters"


"More filming on S.W.A.T.H. Brill!"

Johnny Harris

"Still smiling from yesterday's on set antics on #SWATH ..@nickjfrost is a seriously talented and funny man :)"

Edd Osmond

"after today the faith I have in this film is out of this world!!!! going back home for the weekend a very happy man!!!!!!"


"..And Sophia our 10 year old has several days filming for Snow White And The Huntsman. Eddie Izzard in this one. #DontKnowTheyreBorn"

"We cannot divulge much detail about location shoots. Obviously, the prod company frown upon this. ; )"

"Sophia has extra work. Tis a massive production this one. Pinewood 007 stage extended outside! :)"


"my gorgeous jess is off to pinewood studios next week to film for new snow white film"

" #jessiefinney is a dukes village child same as #baileytyebaker they both won everymodel in june!!"


"#BaileyTyeBaker at Pinwood Studios tomorrow for his costume fitting for 'Snow White and the Huntsman'. snowwhiteandthehuntsmanmovie.com #Kristen Stewart"

" Hi, simply an extra, one of the Dukes Village Children, but you have to start somewhere. Thank you for your comment, most kind"




"Snow White & the Huntsman is currently filming here at Blea Tarn in the Lakes with Kirsten Stewart.



"stood on the set of #snowwhite in the #lakedistrict, what a backdrop @SWATH4fans #fb


"Can't beat working at Pinewood Studios. Just walked in and seen nearly a 100 men on horseback filming battle scene for new Snow White movie"

imagebam.com imagebam.com

"Went out for a walk today around Black Park. Black Park is the largest woodland park in Buckinghamshire and is right next to Pinewood Studios. Part of the park is roped off because they are filming some scenes for the forthcoming Kristen Stewart film Snow White and the Huntsman. This is the location diner on the right together with the err! normal facilities which you can see just through the door. The marquee is where the crew and stars eat their food. You can see how picturesque this place is and in the distance you can just see a lady riding her horse slowly along the path.."

"Went out for a walk today around Black Park. Black Park is the largest woodland park in Buckinghamshire and is right next to Pinewood Studios. This tree interested me because of it's branch distribution."



"OH's older bro is off filming for the next 2 weeks - 1 of the 2 Snow White movies in production. Disney this aint..."

"probably - he was an archer in 'Robin Hood' and one of the 'missing soldiers' in 'Eagle of the Ninth' ..."


imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

"they were just finishing filming Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron."

" the end of September, the last week of filming on the beach......why?"


"Tomorrow I'm walking in woods & hiding from hollywood film security. Like grown up hide & seek."

"I'm going wood walking with my mate & our cameras. Trouble is they're filming again there. They get tetchy."

"Bourne Woods again apparently."

"New Snow White I hear. Was up there recently as Spielberg was doing War Horse. Big woodland near me :-)"

"Hahaha. I was only going for a hike with a mate & my camera as its down the road. Always check what's filming though :-)"

"No filming today in Bourne Woods. Lots of setting up though."


imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

"Just found out about the one room inside the castle- was burnt during filming last week! #SWATH"

"spooky trees have been disguised by new trees planted in amongst them, filming has already happened last week- it was mayhem- peace resumed!"

"Production r setting up more fake trees elsewhere in the wood for swath"

"The mechanical #swath horse I took pic of last week from spooky forest btw!

"Seen the #swath horses by the exit of pinewood -one was the White horse with silver armour looking beautiful!"

"They seem to be redressing the creepy forest for filming again!"

"I think they r gunna film again, just changing the set to make it look less creepy!"

"I've been to a few sets today, haven't seen her anywhere! Mayb she's in pinewood, saw her horse there!"

"good luck spotting the horses! lol! you may just c their bottoms!! it was taken far away..forgive me!

"i took it, its in studios, i watched them paint them during the summer and now its been used. not sure myself if #swath though"

"I'm lending a hand at my old job today, working on the BBC police drama "New Tricks". You might have seen the last series on television earlier this year? As I pulled into Pinewood Studios this morning I was greeted by 20 Medieval Knights dressed in shining armour; I thought I was still dreaming!!! It turns out they were extras for Disney's new film Snow White, starring Kristen Stewart. Snow White's castle has been built on top of one of the old car parks and the scale, attention to detail & money spent is absolutely incredible. I love coming to Pinewood & being surrounded by the make-believe world of film & television, but do I miss it & wish I hadn't left? Not one bit! ...... I can't wait to get back to my houseboat & start creating new designs for next year, I can't wait to package up & send off the orders I've received today from my lovely customers & I'm really looking forward to catching up with Ashok & the team in India to see how their day has been. Nothing, not even the wild horses that were gallopping around Snow White's castle yesterday could make me give up Marzipants. (OK, so they weren't actually wild horses, more like properly trained, very well behaved film horses!)"



"Always good visiting Pinewood Studios.. The #snowwhite set looks amazing!"



" @pinewood studios with 'the beautiful prisoners' for snow white and the huntsman. Not a bad life"


imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

"Snow White and the Huntsmen filming is taking over Black Park. #swath

"Pathway to forest set #swath

"As close as I could get...


"They had 200 horses on horseback for the new snowhite film crazy!!"

"didn't catch any filming they may of been tho,they haven tons of sets I saw the snow white set packing away the swords n armour"

"it looks like its definitely high budget!!! and it's still in the early processes"

" a quarter of the snow white set they have a castle on the green screen! It's like 100ft +!"


"Just found out my dad's got a part in Snow White and the Huntsman - That comes out next year. Banging."

" I don't know, I never had time to ask over the phone. But they start shooting next week!"



"At #Pinewood studios. Johnny Depp & Tim Burton on Dark Shadows; Kirsten Stewart filming Snow White. Look at the castle!

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