Translated Interview from 'Cine Premire' Magazine (Mexico)

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Source What was it like to film in Brazil? What’s it like to be so loved around the world?

Bill: It’s so hard! (laughs). Filming in Brazil was great; that’s where Stephenie set the honeymoon, and being able to go there was great. We found the area that was described in the book, and we stayed there.

Kristen: It was great filming in actual streets.

Robert: I loved it. One of the best things about having an international fanbase is that you get to see their different reactions. In brazil people literally want to grab you on the set.

Taylor: I love Brazil, but I didn’t go. When they came back they showed a picture of an extra that looked a lot like me. It was so weird. Why didn’t they put him in the back just in case the camera filmed him?

Bill: We changed the story to include him! (laughs)

Is Breaking Dawn really the end, or do you think there will be a continuation of the saga?

Rob: Well, what’s next? Breakfast time? Twilight, Eclipse, Dawn… It’s all up to Stephenie.

Taylor: I agree.

Bill: It’s the end of Edward and Bella’s story. But there’s so many characters in the second part that she surely will want to revisit one day.

Taylor: Sounds like you know something we don’t!

Of all the scenes, what was the one you managed to keep a secret, and what was leaked to fans?

Kristen: The wedding was crazy. Very secret service. The entire team went through some inconviniences, they couldn’t carry their cellphones to the
set. The dress had to be a complete surprise.

Bill: As you were getting ready to say your vows a helicopter hovered over.

Kristen: There was a Volturi cape and I used it to cover myself.

What about the pictures that were taken in Brazil at the beach and in the ocean?

Kristen: We didn’t know we were being photographed. It wa svery strange to see the pictures later.

Taylor: Most of the movie happens indoors, so we filmed everything in Baton Rouge. Two months in Vancouver. Breaking Dawn is very intimate. They did a great job letting us be more creative this time.

Kristen, this is a very emotional movie, what was it like filming it for so many months and how did it affect you personally everything that happens to Bella?

Kristen: This movie had so many cathartic moments that shock her life and not all of them are fantasy. Some of them are very real and I can relate to that. Anybody who’s read the book can picture him or herself there. I can’t let the story hit me in the face in the morning, so I just let these moments happen. And they made them happen, we were up to it. I feel like everything that was done was faithful to the book. But at the same time, we added things to the most iconic moments, and I was surprised. In the wedding and in the honeymoon.

Bill: Kristen is the biggest Twilight fan. She’s always saying what she felt like when she read it for the first time. You do have that pressure on you, it’s very true.

Do you have a favorite scene?

Bill: I have so many.

Taylor: I’ve always been able to pick one, excpet this time. It’s so hard! Jacob changes so much from the beginning to the end. It’s hard to choose.

Kristen: There’s a scene at the wedding with Charlie and Bella that I adore. And another one with her mom.

Rob: The birth scene is so different than the rest of the movie. For a story that is aimed at young people, I think it goes too far. It’s so graphic, At least when we were doing it, but there was no other way of doing it.

Bill, you mentioned that you are a fan of Dark Shadows. What do you think about this genre?

Bill: As a kid I ran to my house to see that show. It had something. I think growing up in a very catholic home turns you twisted. Everytime there’s new vampires I’m immediately interested, and that’s what happened with Twilight.

Do you ever wish this was an independent film screened at Sundance? How do you get away from the enormous distractions?

Kristen: If this had been a tiny Sundance movie, we wouldn’t have been able to give justice to the source material. It’s a big film and it’s good that we could be indulgent. It’s great to be able to film for six months with the best people. We wouldn’t be giving you this interview otherwise. We would be at a smaller place. I guess what I’m trying to say is that there wouldn’t be a difference. We would still be having this conversation.

What was the scene that made you hesitate whether or not you could pull it off, besides the wedding scene?
Taylor: Imprinting was scary. I had an x on the wall and I had to come into the room, kill the baby and stop, turn around and imprint. “Stop, turn around, imprint”. That was my phrase. People still laugh at that. I spent a long time with Bill and Stephenie asking them how it looked. I hoped it was good.

Rob: I was dreading taking my shirt off.

Kristen: At least you’re honest.

Rob: The books talk alot about Edward’s body, and I’ve managed to avoid that in the movies, eventhough it was mentioned virtually in every third page.

What was the most uncomfortable scene to film?

Kristen: I’m always uncomfortable. That wasn’t a good answer… The scene when we’re making love was so strange.

Rob: We conceived an animatronic baby.

Kristen: That was weird. It had hair, it was a newborn. That’s in the book, you can imagine how cool it was.

Bill: The baby’s eyes move. It’s bizarre.

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