SWATH After Party Tweets and Kristen Pics

Kristen's back in the pic...
Sources: 1, 2, 3 "Kristen in jeans and converse. She had about 9 people with her . . . . More deets later x. We did not see her english boyfriend . . . The paps left in cars BEFORE she did, by about 5 mins. Maybe she did not go straight home and the paps gave up. Just JB, her security. ASB and dark haired guy left earlier. She left REALLY late, like 3.15am. Hope she had fun :) The 9 people were JB, JohnASB, dark haired guy .... plus about 4-6 others I did not know. All shielding her... hard to get pics. She had her hair down, short jacket and hoodie, skinny jeans and converse. Saw her for seconds before she went in, but YES!!!!"
via kstewartfans

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