Chris Hemsworth talks SWATH and mentions Kristen

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We’re standing right behind the monitors in “video village”. Behind us, on public land, curious couples push baby strollers on a path and wonder what’s shooting.

Kristen and Chris are now watching the playback footage on the monitors and she, wearing a warm black parka over her scoop-necked, short leather Snow White tunic and leather pants, is apologizing for the accidental punch. Chris, face swelling, is very cool about it and both stars are laughing. Chris, in a great weathered, brown leather outfit, is swarmed by make-up people trying to make him look even more rugged and dirty… yum!

Here he comes. We’re standing in a mud puddle due to recent rain and we don’t care. We see a slight bruise starting on that handsome face and Chris mumbles that his nose is running. Ah, the joys of modern filmmaking!

Kidzworld: You got punched.

Chris: Well you can see that it’s swelling going up my nose.

Kidzworld: Did Kristen do that?

Chris: We misjudged one and I head-butted her fist with my nose which didn’t turn out too well for me.


Kidzworld: Owww! Can you talk about working with Kristen?

Chris: She’s great. We both loved the script from the beginning. We both read it and had a huge amount of excitement coming into it and both love working with [director] Rupert [Sanders] and she leaves no stone unturned in her prep with the script. She’s always asking questions and trying to find out what’s the real truth in the scene but she’s great. It keeps you on your toes and the scenes are all the better for it.

Kidzworld: Can you tell us about your character? What’s he about?

Chris: Yeah. He’s kind of a drunken mess at the beginning of the film [laughs]. There’s a hint that he may have been someone of nobility once upon a time but now he’s a bit of a lost soul and his faith in the world and hope doesn’t exist in him really. He’s kind of given up and the Snow White character kind of re-ignites that in him; gives him hope again. She instills that in him or at least makes him question his doubts in the world and in people. Hey, I’ve been hanging upside down for an hour. I’m just trying to put this plot back together somehow [laughter].


Kidzworld: Can you tell us about the rumored love triangle in the movie? [Chris and Sam Claflin who plays the prince and Kristen].

Chris: It’s not so much a love triangle. We haven’t really finished shooting it yet so we don’t know what it’s gonna turn into. It’s kind of what the individual characters feel for each other. I think they are kind of unaware of whether anyone else is involved in that mix.

It’s not quite as public or an open as a love triangle is. It’s not that obvious. I think it’s more of a [subtext]. They all come from a different part of the universe we’re creating and can find themselves getting along in moments and not in other moments. I think it makes an interesting mix.

You can read the full interview at Kidzworld.com

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