Kristen Receive Kids Choice Awards Nominations!

hollywoodcrush.mtv.com: The kids are all right, you guys—just look at all the marvelous people they honored with nominations for the Kids Choice Awards this year! Lots of our favorite folks, flicks and reading material made the cut, proving once and for all that being underage doesn't mean you can't appreciate the finer points of pop culture. Which crushworthy celebs scored a nod from the kid-cademy? Who will be up for a sliming come March 31? Drum roll, please, and...

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart all got noms for Favorite Actor (or Actress) honors—plus, there was an extra show of support for Taylor Lautner as Best Buttkicker.

Meanwhile, the movie category was dominated by animated picks—except for the notable exception of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2." And if you're wondering what the under-18 set loves to read, you need look only as far as your own bookshelf: "The Hunger Games," "Harry Potter" and "Twilight make up three of the four selections! PSH. And they say that kids these days have no taste.
Head on over to Nick.com to see the full list of nominees!

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