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On the Road, Walter Salles' adaptation of Jack Kerouac's seminal novel, debuted at Cannes on Wednesday, and the reviews are already pouring in.
While critics aren't exactly falling over themselves to praise the film ("long-winded" seems to be the buzzword), the performances have garnered mostly raves, particularly for Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart. In the film, which follows a group of restless and disenfranchised beatniks on a road trip across the country, Stewart plays Marylou, the 16-year-old bride of Hedlund's Dean, and the role couldn't be further from her Twilight roots. She repeatedly appears topless and in one scene, her character simultaneously pleasures two men as they all ride naked in the front seat of their car. It's enough to give Edward Cullen the vapors!

Check out the critics' reactions to Stewart's risqué new role:
"Stewart, selected for Marylou five years ago on the basis of her striking debut in Into the Wild, is perfect in the role, takes off her clothes more than once and nearly always seems to be breaking a sweat, which kicks the sexiness quotient up high."
-Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter
"Stewart is perhaps the stand out performer, seeming to relish throwing off the 'Will she or won't she' puritanism of the Twilight franchise with an unambiguous 'Yes, she will'."
-John Bleasdale, Cine-Vue
"Stewart takes her top off so many times that even the perennially shirtless Taylor Lautner would be impressed...Certainly, there's nothing regrettable about Stewart's performance here: It reestablishes the promising character actress last seen in Into the Wild and held captive as Twilight's leading lady for years."
-Kyle Buchanan, Vulture
"I'm sure Stewart heard every argument in the world for why she shouldn't do onscreen nudity, but there's no hesitation or discomfort in the way she plays Marylou as an enthusiastic partner for both Dean and Sal."
-Drew McWeeny, HitFix
"Kristen Stewart is Dean's paramour Marylou, and seeing her liberated from the silly straitjacket of servile moping she has to perform in the Twilight films is a huge relief."
-James Rocchi, Indiewire
"Stewart and (Kirsten) Dunst's warm, emotionally accessible turns lend Marylou and Camille more flesh and character htan they had on the page."
-Justin Chang, Variety
"Kristen Stewart again flatters to deceive, offering brief moments of passion, but reverting to her ice-cold angsty Bella shtick for the most part, criminally underplaying a character in Marylou who is supposed to burn with energy."
-Simon Gallagher, Film School Rejects
"Dean, as is his habit, throws open the door to Sal and Carlo while completely naked, his teenaged honeypot, Marylou (Kristen Stewart, fine and untwitchy), still warming the rumpled bed."
-Manohla Dargis, New York Times
"In On The Road Stewart's MaryLou is angry, sexy, innocent, corrupt, and very tangible all at the same time. Hers is a challenging energy that confronts you during every scene. I've never believed her so much as a character."
-Lainey, LaineyGossip.com

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