Lily Cole Mentions Kristen

What was it like working with Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron?
Great, it’s an amazing cast. I think that Kristen was really well cast as Snow White, there’s an edge to her that is really appropriate, particularly because the tone of this film is quite dark. And Charlize, I’d met before, and is a really cool, amazing woman, and is one of my favourite actors. She’s a really brilliant actor, so to get to work against her closely was a really good experience.-------------------------------------------------------------
"I loved the strong, female characters and the script is such a page-turner," she said. "It's a very dark take on something everyone knows so well. I was so keen to work with Rupert Sanders, the director - he's so intelligent and talented. And Charlize was a huge pull - I'm a big fan of her work. And Kristen was great to work with too - I hadn't actually watched Twilight before I started the film. I never approached it in terms of 'how can I learn from these people', but perhaps you do in subtle ways."

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