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Magic FM Interview

AztecNoticias Interview Part 2 Watch Here

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Teen.com Part 2

Interview With the SWATH French Facebook
Libertad Digital Interview

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Charlize: Oh I wouldn’t like to have that mirror in my house. I would be very scared.
(voiceover)This Snow White is a much darker version
Charlize: Yes, we had to give a fresh take to the story to surprise the public.
(voiceover)The beauty of Twilight is now the fairest of the land, according to the mirror. If she were to ask ther mirror a question she would ask
Kristen: If the people around me were trustworthy
(voiceover)Is she talking about the dwarves in the movie? We will never know, because she is a person of few words. Are you(a person of few words)?
Kristen: Umm….Not much.
(voiceover)Any words in Spanish?
Kristen: Si
(voiceover)And does Charlize envy the role of Snow White(Kristen)?
Charlize:No, please. Snow White is too young of a character for me. Giving me the role of Snow White would have been a horrible mistake.
(voiceover)This story has definitely changed.

Yeah, we definitely test Snow White in this one. It is a pretty ideal story and it is very beautiful. I think it is much easier to appreciate the beauty if we test it with danger.

What does this story mean to you?

Snow White has always been the ultimate woman. She is represented as a very maternal figure. She takes care of the dwarves, in the original movie. She cleans the house. I think that we do much more than that now. So to really tell the story right, she needs to more than that, you know? We still have the birdies and her connection to the earth. She still is Snow White. There is a delicate and sweet nature to the movie, which is funny because at the same time it is a full on war movie. Its very action pack, it just doesn’t revel in the violence much. I love that I am doing a girl power movie. Which I hate that phrase so much because people just tend to be like guys when they are doing that kind of movie. And we really keep Snow White a women. So thats cool.

MSN Spain Interview

Question: Honesty, courage, and integrity. Are Snow White’s morals the same as yours? Question: Ravenna represents vanity y desire for power. Snow White is pure and is in touch with nature. Does this conflict exist in real life? Question: Did you have special training for all the action? What was the hardest scene to film? Question: You have a lot of chemistry with Charlize Theron y Chris Hemsworth.



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