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Sam Caiflin
At the Snow White and the Huntsman premiere last night, Kristen Stewart's co-star Sam Claflin, who plays the heartthrob prince, spoke to omg!
We asked if the British actor helped K-Stew in perfecting her British accent to which he replied: "I didn't need to give her any tips, I think she had Rob to help with that."
Liberty Ross
Liberty Ross who plays K-Stew's on screen mother, Queen Eleanor, told us: "Kristen's accent is very sweet, I like it."
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"I think she's dead on perfect"
Toofab: How was it acting with Kristen?
Sam: I'm very lucky to work with such people. I'm scared I've been spoiled. Kristen was an absolute pleasure. She's so young and so talented. Here she is ... the most famous person on the planet. People think actresses like her are going to be a diva; not generous with her time. She was down-to-earth, generous, professional and hardworking. toofab: She has a reputation for being notoriously shy. Sam: On a set like this everyone is quite nervous. I never found she was too shy to talk. She was incredibly inviting. toofab: They joke that the go-to accent in fantasy films is British.
As a native Brit how did you fare?
Sam: I was the lucky one, I was the only one to have his own accent. It was great that I didn't have that added pressure. I was knocked for six [British expression for being completely floored] hearing Kristen speak with an accent. I was so used to her speaking as an American. She had the perfect English accent.

STUDIO: And what about Kristen?
Rupert: Kristen... She's so free spirited and wild, and she's got a lot on her shoulders. There's just something there. She's like an untamed wild horse and she just sums up the modern Snow White for me.
STUDIO: We've heard the rumours and we want to know who hits harder – The Hulk OR Kristen? Chris: Kristen, because it was real. The Hulk's move was a nice bit of CGI and stunt work.
STUDIO: Can you explain to our readers how Kristen 'accidentally' hit you?
Chris: In the movie, Snow White throws a punch and is supposed to miss the huntsman. But, I guess during one take we got a little too close and "BAM" right on the nose. I was out for the count! She packs quite a punch for such a small lady!
STUDIO: What's Kristen like to work with?
Chris: Dedicated, focused and committed. She fit perfectly with the strong character of Snow White and the rest of us just followed her lead.
Charlize: But when did this love-fest actually begin? “It happened within the first five minutes of meeting her,” Charlize, 37, told Celebuzz exclusively at the premiere. “We were on a plane going to San Diego, for ComicCon, and I just fell in love with her.”



Josh Horowitz Talks About His Trip to London:
Saturday, May 12 It’s the big day. A gaggle of industry colleagues and I journey to Arundel Castle near where the studio folks have decided to set up shop for the interviews. It’s a gorgeous day and the cast couldn’t be cooler. Everyone remarks that Kristen is in great form today, and having interviewed her frequently in the past, I agree. Maybe it’s the movie (she’s deservedly proud of it), maybe it’s maturity or her mood. Whatever the reason, she’s easy to laugh and kick back during our time together. And yes, “50 Shades of Grey” came up. In fact Kristen mentioned how creeped out she is by seeing people reading it on planes.… I choose not to mention my choice of reading material on the flight over. The rest of the interviews are truly fun. I learn a couple hours after chatting with Chris Hemsworth that he’d become a dad just the day before. Charlize takes a break from her interviews to watch nearby goats frolicking. Or was it something dirtier? Not sure. Later that day, the journalists grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant. We spot a peacock, Kristen herself … and maybe even a high-profile friend of hers. But that would be gossiping. Monday, May 14 Leicester Square ain’t what it used to be: Universal has transformed it into a pretty awesome forest straight out of the film. But the real attention-grabber is probably Charlize’s barely-there dress. I’m a journalist. It is my duty to look closely at these things. As for Snow herself, Kristen is all smiles in a beautiful dress. And yes, sneakers, of course, though she insisted it was only because of her recent “Breaking Dawn” re-shoots injury.
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Saoirse Ronan

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