Philip Lim and Colleen Atwood Mention Kristen

Source Grazia: Cannes is delivering some spectacular gowns this week, if you could dress any star for a red carpet number who would it be, if it could be past or present?
Phillip Lim: I’d say I love to dress anyone who is really authentic in their style. You can tell when someone really loves what they are wearing or when they have just been put in something. Alexa Chung for example is totally authentic in the way she dresses. We are friends away from fashion, and when I see her off camera she’s the same - she’s like nerdy and a tomboy. I love it that she can curse like a sailor but at the same time she so beautiful and charming and elegant - that is so inspiring because she’s so normal.
In fact I think normality might be the new edge - as it’s so shocking when people are so normal. These days it’s so easy to be shocking so it’s refreshing when you meet someone like Alexa. Kristen Stewart is another cool girl, she just does what she does, she’s a great actress, and always herself on the red carpet - that’s what I find inspiring. Women are inspiring to me - totally the stronger sex. Period!

Source (Spoilers) via fiercebitchstew
"She’s an amazing actress with a lot of experience for her age and she’s extremely disciplined in her craft," Colleen said. "In the movie, she did almost all of the action scenes herself. She works really hard are really thinks about the material. It’s inspirational to see that in a young actor."

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