Evan Daugherty Mentions Kristen

Source When you're writing you don't even know if the movie will get made, let alone who might get cast. What did you think when you found out Kristen Stewart would be the star?
I was excited and kind of intrigued. I was around for most of that process and the original plan was to follow the "Alice in Wonderland" route and cast an unknown. Casting directors scoured the entire world during the fall and winter of 2010. They got it down to a shortlist and filmed screen tests, everyone was great. But at the same time we were reworking the script, making the Snow White character even tougher and giving her more grit. As it went along it became clear this was a movie star meaty role.

Thankfully, some of the reviews I'm reading -- I shouldn't even be reading reviews -- but some of them are really citing Kristen Stewart's performance. Some are still giving her unfortunately too hard of a time. I think she's really, really good in the movie. She's really powerful and strong. It's even more of a star-making role for her. She gets to get out there and do things: ride horses, strap on armor, wield a sword, lead men into battle. Seeing the movie for the first time a couple weeks ago, there were a lot of things I liked a lot but I was the most surprised and impressed by Kristen Stewart.

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