Interviews with The Independent at Cannes and E!

The Independent (Cannes)

Source “I am so self-aware, so self-conscious,” she says. “There are people in life who lead the way and run after things, and then there are the observers and followers. I am one of those people; I’d be latching onto the leader. That’s why I love to play characters that are so completely different to myself.”

In Snow White, Stewart says she loves the fact “you have a kick-ass heroine, someone who can fight, yet she’s not a strange girl pretending to be a boy. I always wanted to do something physically challenging and this was it.”

I always say follow the heart and things usually wind up where you want to be.” Her attitude to what she wants is perhaps best summed up when she is asked about her On the Road character, Marylou, who Stewart says is a heroine of hers; it was a favourite book of hers as a teenager. ” I love her spirit,” she enthuses. “She’s so genuine, so herself. She refuses to be a commodity and I love that.”
E! Interview
Source Move over, Robert Pattinson—Charlize Theron is taking your place!

No, Kristen Stewart is not replacing her real-life Twilight boyfriend with her Snow White and the Huntsman costar, but…

I want to stand on my tippy toes when I’m around her,” Stewart told me the other day when she and SWATH costar Sam Claflin appeared at the MTV Sneak Peek of their new fairy-tale action flick. “She’s mad intimidating. Most people would make you feel really bad about yourself when you’re intimidated by them, but I feel so great around.”

Claflin gushed, “She makes you step up your game.”

Theron is also, well, super cool.

She’s awesome,” Stewart said. “And she’s hilarious—she’s so fast and quick.”
Even with all this lovin’, Stewart and Claflin aren’t going to be babysitting for the new mom anytime soon.

I don’t think she should trust either of us,” Stewart said.

Claflin cracked, “I don’t think she’d trust us with the kid or even her dogs.”

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