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dailytelegraph skynews  yahoo smh ninemsn. via  @Robstenation "I love Chris. Just to be around him on a shoot like that - which was so freezing and uncomfortable - is great because he has got a lightness that is kind of contagious."

But Stewart admits to being a little bit intimated by Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron, who plays the evil witch Ravenna in the contemporary reworking of the classic Grimm brothers fairytale - and not only when she was in character.

"Everyone knows when she walks into a room. I think me and Chris and everyone, including possibly even (director) Rupert (Sanders) just wanted to impress her. It's good. It makes you a little bit better."

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Hemsworth and his Snow White and the Huntsman co-star Kristen Stewart are in Australia for a couple of days promoting the film and kept each other laughing throughout the interview.

Hemsworth said he and Stewart haven’t really had the chance to do anything except press since they arrived.

‘I’ve pointed out of the window of the hotel and said, you go check that out, that’s pretty cool,’ Hemsworth said.

‘Yeah, what’re we going to do?’ Stewart prompted him, saying ‘he has built it up’.

‘Oh yeah, ferry, the beaches,’ he said. ‘We’ll do some fun stuff.’

Stewart, who some fans had camped out over night to see, admitted she was never a fan of the Snow White – that is until she met Sanders, who was also at the premiere.

“No it’s not my favourite,” she said.

“I saw the title (of the film) and I was like ’Really, why?’ But it became really obvious after reading the first five pages of the script, especially after talking to Rupert about why he wanted to do it and why it was important to do now.”

And of course she couldn’t complain about working with Hemsworth.

“Yeah Chris is a good Aussie boy,” she said with a smile. “You guys really know how to pump them out. He’s a twinkle.
As hundreds crammed the barricades Stewart, whose mother is from Australia, said she wished she could visit more often.

“I’ve only been here a few times, maybe like two or three times for not work,” she said from the sidelines of the event at Bondi Junction.

“God, it’s ridiculous. I would like to come back more. I love the Aussies, I love coming here.”

Her director Rupert Sanders described Stewart was “very fiesty in real life”.

“She gives a powerhouse performance and I’m very proud of the work she did,” he said.

Stewart responded by saying she needed to be fiesty to play a delicate Snow White.

“We kind of rip her heart out at some point and throw it back in her chest,” she said.

“You need to be kind of fiesty to be able to withstand that.”
“He’s got that sparkle,” she said on Wednesday.

“You Aussies, you know how to do it! Good Aussie boy, can’t really beat that.”

But Stewart makes no apologies for accidentally punching her Snow White and the Huntsman co-star during an on-set fight scene.

“Before everyone gets angry at me, I felt really bad afterwards and he’s being a baby about it,” she told Seven Network.

“I did not alter his face in any way. We were both so into the scene at that moment … and you know, it made it into the movie.

“I think it looks really good, couldn’t have faked that.”

The starlet said she had her Australian mum, director Jules Mann-Stewart, to thank for getting into the film business.

“I wanted to start doing this because of my family, I’ve always looked up to them,” she said.

She said filming Snow White and the Huntsman was physically gruelling.

“I put myself through it absolutely. It’s one of the things I was most excited about, I knew that me and Chris and Charlize (Theron) were going to be dropped into this world of absolute make-believe.

“We didn’t have to fake it.”

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