Tracey Heggins (BD Vamp) and Rupert Sanders Mention Kristen

Source CB: What was it like working with stars like Robert and Kristen?
TH: It was good because they were both really down to earth. It’s very scary to go off on a set with huge names. I mean, when you are number one on IMDB, it’s a little intimidating. But they were just cool, and Kristen was like a tomboy and was so down to earth. Rob was the same way. He actually has this almost self-deprecating, ‘Oh, did I just say that?’ And I understand why he did that because it made everyone else feel so comfortable. So thank you, Robert!

CB: What was it like filming the last scene of the series? Were there any tears on set?
TH: Yes, especially when we went back to re-shoot. It was really like, ‘This is over now.’ That was really rough. You feel like a void when it’s all done. No matter how much is in the movie or not in the movie, we spent a lot of time together. Everyone from all the behind-the-scenes people and wardrobe, etc. make a set happen. I’ll be honest: we all got a little misty — even Rob and Kristen.

Source Snow White And The Huntsman stars Twilight gal Kristen Stewart who’s, but of course, one of the very biggest stars in the world today, so the question is: was she involved from the get-go (maybe she was pivotal early on in pushing the thing into production) - or was she actually cast by Sanders or others?

“Yes, I was thinking at first of casting an unknown actress for the part of Snow White, and so I was seeing all of these people, but then eventually I went down to meet Kristen and I was really just blown away by her. Joe Roth, one of the producers, and I just got her in a room and said that we wanted her to do it and, well, really that was that.”

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