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Premiere: The epilogue of Twilight comes out in November, you were in Cannes not long ago with On The Road, we'll find you again this month in Snow White and the Huntsman ... This is a big year for you. The most impressive of your young career?

Kristen Stewart: The most exciting, certainly yes! And yes, probably the biggest since the release of the first Twilight. I am pleased to be showing these three very different films. There is a contrast between each of them that will perhaps allow spectators to see me in a new light. But there was absolutely nothing premeditated on my part. I did not say "Okay, let's try to release these three movies at the same time, just to show that I have a wide acting range." (Laughter). It's really a coincidence and not the result of a strategy or any career plan.

Premiere: It's hard not to notice with the Cannes selections of On The Road & Cosmopolis that it's a sign the Twilight chapter is definitely closed for Robert Pattinson and you...

Kristen: Yes, Cannes is the Grail, the ultimate goal for every actor. This is not why we do this profession, but there is no reward more satisfying than a selection there. That said, it's hard for me to talk about the "end" of Twilight. First of all because the last film has not been released yet, and also because I've never had the feeling of being trapped in the saga. I've always tried to change a little, to try new things between each movies.

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Premiere: The difference is that before, between the Twilight movies, you used to shoot smaller independent films like Welcome To The Rileys and The Runaways. Snow White and the Huntsman is a rather large machine, especially the first part of a new franchise and the first film where you assume your status as a movie star ...
Kristen: I don't see it that way. At first I was against the idea of playing in a film that could have sequels. A new franchise? Thanks, but not thanks. And especially not a saga about Snow White, a story that everyone knows with a beginning, a middle and an end. I didn't want to be attached to a project over such a long period of time like I was with Twilight. I love these films, it was a great adventure, but I really wanted to move on, to try new experiments. And then I met Rupert Sanders (The Director)... I fell under the spell of his imagination, his aesthetic procedures. It made ​​me discover a new world in which I really wanted to evolve. When you meet a director, you know very quickly if things will go right or wrong. He will be your boss, The one you'll have to follow at all costs for many months. Choosing a film, a role, it's not something rational. It's a visceral instinct, almost indescribable. Overnight, you only have that in mind. And then I met Rupert & he made me want to go for it...

Premiere:So There will be a sequel to of Snow White and the Huntsman?
Kristen: I do not want to sell the chickens before they hatch and I have probably no right to tell you this, but yes, we are quite optimistic. We are all proud of the film, we want there to be a sequel. If there are none, it won't be the end of the world either, but I am hopeful.

Premiere: So you're going to be busy with that project for the next five years...
Kristen: It's weird, huh? In any case, it confirms what I said: there is no logic behind my career choice!

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