Judi Shekoni Talks About Kristen

Source Q: You were a fan before you came to work into this. Who were you most excited to work with?

: I was really excited to work with the whole cast because I’ve seen the movies before. Also, I was really excited to work with Kristen [Stewart], Bella. Because when you read the books, they’re from Bella’s perspective. I almost felt like I let Bella drive myself and I kinda been on that whole journey. It was so nice to meet Kristen and do scenes with Bella. I felt like a had with the part of Zafrina that I also had a real close connection with the Bella character. I think Kristen herself is wonderful. She’s like a little doll. She seems extremely generous and very intelligent. I think the characters of Bella and Zafrina have a interesting relationship because she’s [Bella] Renesmee’s mother. When another woman comes in and has a relationship with your own daughter, it always creates something strange between the mother and the other woman. I felt like my character had a special relationship with Bella as well.

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