Sam Riley and Danny Morgan Mention Kristen (Video)

Danny told us: "Yeah it's a shame. We would have all loved her to be here and it would've been great and I know she's sad she can't be here.

"She would've loved to be here because I know she's so proud of this film and her performance in it and she's amazing in it. People will be blown away by it. She's incredible."
SAM RILEY has offered high praise for his On The Road co-star and Balenciaga muse Kristen Stewart.

"I'd never met her before and she's a wonderful actress," Riley told us at the film's London premiere last night. "It was wonderful to have her around. It was such a boyish community, it was really nice to have her there."

"She, for someone so young, is capable at tapping into herself much better than I would have been able to at that age," he said.

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