Gossipcop: Kristen and Robert are speaking again

Gossipcop.com Life & Style just gambled with its new Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart “reporting” — and lost badly.
The tabloid claims Pattinson has ordered a “desperate” Stewart to leave him alone, and that he’s become “increasingly uncomfortable” with her attempts to reconcile. “He’s so embarrassed that it makes him feel sick,” claims an “insider” for the tabloid.
Life & Style goes so far as to quote a production “source” who claims there’s now “zero” promotional events lined up for the movie because things have supposedly become so awkward between the stars. Stewart’s actions are “simply pushing [Pattinson] farther away,” alleges Life & Style.
That’s interesting. Because Stewart and Pattinson have been speaking again — in person — Gossip Cop can confirm.
While it remains to be seen whether their meeting face-to-face will lead to a full romantic reconciliation, the two stars are in a more comfortable place than they were weeks ago.
The notion that Pattinson told Stewart to “leave [him] alone” — totally ruling out a rekindling of their personal relationship and even threatening their professional commitments — is total Life & Style fantasy.
As for Stewart and Pattinson’s romantic status, a source close to the pair says to Gossip Cop, “Time will tell.”

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