Huffington Post Article on Kristen's recent news

In case you are interested, here's what Nico Lang from huffingtonpost.com has to say about Kristen's recent news:

"....  Such is the case with Stewart. Because Stewart has been acting since she was nine and appearing in major Hollywood films since she was 12, there's a sense of fatigue and discomfort with the system about Kristen Stewart, in many ways the Jodie Foster of her generation. Like Foster (who recentlycame out in support of K-Stew), Stewart's always been too private and too smart for the media attention surrounding her. Although Megan Fox and Katherine Heigl are widely unpopular for being outspoken, what made the ubiquitously awkward Stewart even more of a public piñata was her attachment to Robert Pattinson, the erstwhile James Dean of today, the object of every other tween girl's affections. Her ever-tabloided relationship made her an object of vicarious wish fulfillment, jealousy and scorn. If Kristen Stewart has the "perfect boyfriend" and the "perfect life," why can't she just look happy? Why doesn't she seem more gracious? Why can't she just smile for the cameras like she's supposed to?

Because Stewart's clear dislike of the charade of celebrity breaks the fourth wall of what we expect of women today, it's hardly surprising that the public dogpiled on her in wake of the Robsten breakup. Fans took to Twitter and the blogosphere to voice their disbelief, call her a "whore" and a "homewrecking slut," inform her that she'll never do better than Robert Pattinson and make threats on her life, supposedly on behalf of all women torn apart by the break up. One female fan even filmed a reaction video on YouTube to publicize her devastation, a segment similar in tone to Chris Crocker's now infamous "Leave Britney Alone!" video. "
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