Video Interviews to "In their own words" Twilight Ebook's Author

Sent to me by Lisa at www.theebookpeople.com, special thank you!
From Twilight "In their own words" Ebook's Writer:

Talia on the split of Rob and Kristen, how it would affect another sequel.
Talia on the future of the three actors and whether there might be another Twilight sequel.
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Talia tells how the eBook "Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner - In their own words" came into being, and what is special about this eBook.
Talia tells about her first contact with the Teilight cast back in 2008 and what inspired her to write the eBook.
How the Twilight cast was surprised by the success with all negative side effects.
Talia tells about her niece and what she will do for her when the eBook is gonna be released.

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