Chris, Mackenzie, Garrett and more Mention Kristen

How was your on-set relationship with Kristen Stewart while making Snow White & The Huntsman?
It was great, besides when she punched me in the face. That’s a true story. It was pretty painful; that was a big punch. No, it was fantastic. She had a really strong attitude about where her character should go, which is good. You don’t want someone who sits on the fence.

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via malenacasey Hedlund, 28, calls his pairing with Dunst, who plays his on-screen wife Camille, 'a blessing' and was also impressed by Stewart, who he met before Twilight was even made. "I saw her eyes and I thought she was like the next Robin Wright, so much depth. I knew she was going to go far."


shortlist.com  Did Kristen Stewart attract a lot of attention?
Sam Riley: Once, we arrived in this little airport and I walked out first, and there were two little old dudes with cameras, and I thought, “F*ckin’ ’ell, it must be slim pickings being a paparazzi here. This is their payday!” They were taking photos of me, and I could see out the corner of my eye Kristen going out the door, into the car and f*cking off. One of them came up to me with a piece of paper, and went [in poor Argentinian accent], “Christian Stewart?” and I went, “No [points at his name], I’m this one, that one’s just walked off!”

Any other incidents?

Some kids found out where the hotel was. They were crossing a river to stand outside the window, and when I opened the curtains, they were like,”Kristy! Kristy!” all night. It was mental. And when we got back to the airport, her bodyguard said, “We’re going to put the producers in the car they think is her car, and drop them off…” And we had to run through the airport, and I saw how aggressive some of these photographers can be. It’s a strange job to chase a 20-year-old girl around…

Is she used to the attention?
She deals with it well. I’d have a caution for thumping them by now if they followed me around like that.
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Jon Favreau:  How do you like that? Zathura had Josh Hutcherson and Kristen [Stewart]. I’m very proud of them. You look back at Zathura now and you see we had some good talent there. It’s good to see them break out in their teen years, or young adult years in the case of Kristen.

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