Erik Odom and Sam Riley Mention Kristen

via fiercebitchstew  Source Erik Odom: Q: When you found out you were cast in this – I know you had known Jack Morrissey, so you had a relationship with Bill Condon – but aside from him, who were you most excited to get to work with in this film?

Erik: Oh, there’s a lot of them for a lot of different reasons. For one, I’m a huge fan of Kristen [Stewart]’s. I think Kristen is just a really great performer. Michael Sheen’s another one. There were little moments here and there with Michael where it was just fun to watch him work, you know? And really just watching these actors at the top of their game just going back and forth and sparring with each other during these scenes really going for it. There are a lot of them. I’d say Kristen, Michael, Noel Fisher’s another guy who I was a big fan of before we started filming, and he’s really great. And then to be completely honest, I’ve probably been crushing on Ashley Greene since day one, so that was … it was nice to work with her too, she’s a sweetheart.


Source Sam Riley: Twilight star Stewart, then 19, sheds her inhibitions and her clothes in the film.
Laughing, Riley says they made the best of their nude scenes together.
The 32-year-old said: "It's not what any of us were looking forward to when we read the script."

"You shrug your shoulders and then try and do it in one take."
"There was a moment when we were naked sitting on a rock smoking a reefer and it was incredibly hot."
"The rock was very uncomfortable because it was so hot and we were all looking up and not looking down."

"We would only look in each others eyes, no-one's eyes strayed below eye-height."
But working with the object of teen frenzy did have its benefits.
Riley laughs: "Travelling through airports with Kristen is the bees' knees."

"I wouldn't really want to swap lives with her in any other aspect apart from how quickly you can go through airport security."
"They let you off the plane first and then they usher you straight through, straight into VIP."

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