Rob Mentions Kristen

The interview is translated from the Greek newspaper "To Vima" and was given to film critic Giannis Zoumboulakis.
Coincidentally the same period I met with him in Cannes, Stewart was there as well for On The Road.
"We went out last night and we are going out tonight as well. I cant wait. Some people say that the moment Kristen, me and Efron are at the same festival it has failed. Isn't that funny?" He laughs loudly. So happy and entertaining, so in love with his girlfriend. "She is amazing, ambitious ready to grasp life. She has an attitude she doesn't kiss people's asses, she is respected. I would die for Kristen. Yesterday I was watching her movie and felt so proud." He mentions he has been writing something so that they can work together again.Something very different. "It will be difficult and it will have to be far ahead in the future because many people will not like it. But I do not care. I want her. She is mine"
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