Twilight World on Tagwhat!

With the premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 quickly approaching, fans now have an entirely new way to experience the saga with an app that ties everything about Twilight and its cast to the real-world places where they occurred.  
Tagwhat, the mobile tour guide for the world, has created a Twilight specific channel as a one-stop-shop for everything fans need to know leading up to the end of the saga.
Tagwhat delivers the world of Twilight right to your pocket. Using its geolocation technology, Tagwhat will alert users when they are in the vicinity of Twilight specific content – like a friend tapping you on the shoulder to say “Hey, that’s were Kristen and Rob were spotted canoodling last night”.
 Even users that aren’t geographically near any Twilight specific locations can get in on the action. For example, residents of North Dakota can set their Tagwhat location to Forks, Washington to learn about all the locations where the scenes from the first movie were filmed. Tagwhat even pulls in relevant social media pages so you can Tweet to all your friends that you just passed Reese Witherspoon’s house in Ojai where Rob was briefly camped out.
Download the app here
Thanks Ashley for sending me!

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