Video and Pics: Exclusive Rob and Kristen Kissing


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  1. For whatever reason, I feel they have wanted these last two sightings, to be seen... Which is fine with me.

    Perhaps it is to diffuse the take-away-from-film-promotion, which a first sighting of them together, would be... IF the very first-after-troubles- sighting, were to be at the film promotion.

  2. I really don't think any of it was staged. Cuz these are at her house...if they wanted papz to take their photo they could go out to dinner. I don't agree with all of the crap people are saying. It is not like the movie needs help to make money.

  3. PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM FOR PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS NOMINATIONS!!!! Deadline (Nov. 15th) is coming up. Write in their names and Breaking Dawn in all the categories you can where it says "other".


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