Jules Stewart's Interview with Italian Vanity Fair Scan

Source Translation thanks to CSI_Robsten
- Did you ask your daughter to play in your movie?"She would have loved it, but she was busy doing On The Road when we were shooting, she does have a little cameo, though. Hers is the voice of the secretary Raymond speaks over the phone to."

- Is it true that he told you 'if my sister can do it [being an actor] I can, too'?
[laughs] "Yeah, they're very close and always joke."

- Your daughter has been acting since she was 9, will there be another actor in the family?
"I don't know, but I've never interfered with their choices anyway."
- neither about love?

- Aren't you jealous your daughter is now a woman and has a famous boyfriend?
"No, on the contrary. She's very much in love and it's great. Everyone should be."

- What's your relationship with Pattinson?
"I like him, we get along. But I keep myself out of their relationship."

- You must give Kristen some advice, though
"Oh course I do when she asks for it, but I never impose my opinion."

- When they broke up in July (after those pictures of her and Rupert kissing) what did you tell her?
"We had a long conversation which I'm not going to share."

- Where did the idea of your movie come from?
"A boy who went to that jail told me he'd want to write a screenplay about the K-11 area, so we started to work together."

- What is the message of the movie?
"That it's okay to be different."

-- You have divorced your husband John after 27 years of marriage. What is it like to be a middle-aged single woman?
"I don't want to define myself on the fact I have or don't have a man. I feel very strong. I can be by myself and be who I want." 

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