New Kristen Interview with Télé Star (France)

This is Accompanied by Robert Pattinson, 26, that Kristen Stewart, 22 gave in Los Angeles, the last interviews which put an end to the Twilight Worldwide Promo. Meeting.

TS: Bella is finally a vampire. Did you like theMetamorphosis you like it?

KS: Absolutely. First because I had to do more stunts. And also because Bella becomes the strongest vampire of all. She always had a lot of confidence but here, no one doubt it!

Do you feel you have said goodbye to Bella now that filming is completed?

KS: This experiment, which represents five years of my life will remain engraved in me.

If you had to choose one moment from all these shootings, what would it be?

KS: The wedding. First, because this is the last scene we shot and especially because we have waited for years, for this marriage! I felt so light. It was truly memorable.

What are your plans? Do you have a clear plan for success after Twilight? 

KS: No, I'll be guided by my instincts. 

Your name was in all the magazines this summer, because of your love ... Hard to live?

KS: If I consider the opinion of others, respect for privacy, it can be very destructive. I decided not to pay attention.

Do you feel you have lost your freedom by becoming so famous?

KS: It is unsettling, yes. But I feel more comfortable today than five years ago. And thanks to Twilight, I have a link with milions of people around the world. And this is unique!

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