New Pics of Kristen from OTR Screening at Skywalker Ranch + Jerry Cimino Talks About Meeting Her

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[...] The first person I spotted was Garrett Hedlund, who had apparently just concluded a press photo-op with Kristen Stewart. After handshakes and hugs I said, “Garrett, introduce me to Kristen tonight when you get a chance, will you? I’ve never met her.” “Sure, man, sure,” he assured me.

[...] When the film was done, Kristen, Walter, and Garrett came on stage for a Q & A that lasted about 45 minutes. Then 300 people made a beeline for the restrooms. When our crowd finally made our way back inside the theater after most everyone else had left, we were a little disappointed our celebrity friends were nowhere to be found. So me and John, his sisters and Gerry talked amongst ourselves, and then a few people asked to get photos of the Cassady kids together, and a few minutes later Walter Salles walked out to say hello, followed by Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund.

[...] Francis Coppola had left early, I was sorry to see, as I’ve never met him, and he’s been a hero to me for thirty years. The rest of us all started talking in one big circle, Cathy and Jami giving their impressions, having just seen the film for the first time, and then we all broke into little groups of 2 or 3 and discussed various issues. I kept looking at Garrett with a “when are you going to introduce me to Kristen?” look, but he wasn’t reading my mind, and at a certain point when I was talking to Walter about something to do with Howl (I’m embarrassed to say I don’t even remember what!) I noticed Kristen Stewart was standing alone for a moment and I said, “Excuse me Walter, I’ve got to introduce myself to Kristen.” (Why I didn’t ask Walter to introduce me, I don’t know.) So, I walked over and said, “Hi Kristen, I’m Jerry, we’ve never met, and I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself.” And she was great. “Oh, Walter and Garrett talk about you all the time. I’ve been wanting to visit The Beat Museum for the longest time.” She was very gracious and kind, and I reached in my pocket and gave her a promotional museum business card that happened to be stamped “Two for One Admission” to The Beat Museum. “Well, we normally charge an admission but I’ll make sure you get in for free,” I joked to the girl who is one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses. She posed for a few photos and was very patient, even after the flash miscued in the dark theater. In all, a delightful young person who carries herself extremely well for being only 22, and whose every action and word is reported by tabloids the world over. I think I like her because she seems very genuine and authentic, two traits Ginsberg, Neal, and Jack would admire.
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