Sam Riley Talks About Kristen with Film.com

Source via robstendreams Were you worried at all that Kristen’s personal drama might impact the release of “On the Road” and how people perceived it?No. I don’t really think that. Um, no. I mean I was more worried for a friend. You know, I don’t really care. That’s difficult to say, really. You say anything about that subject you’re sort of feeding the beast. But no, I didn’t think about that at all.

And an important part of any road trip is the soundtrack. Any key songs you listened to on the shoot?

I was sort of one of the ones that was in charge of the jukebox while we were shooting. I bought a huge collection of bebop songs and things which I always had with me on my phone and would always play while we were driving in between. I didn’t think I would get into it, but I sort of did, actually.

So you went era-appropriate?

Sometimes it helps a little bit. I learned a lot about modern bands through the kids like Kristen and Tom and Garrett, who all listen. My finger’s not on the pulse of what is popular these days.

They all liked, I can’t even remember the names… Arcade Fire, they all like folksy stuff these days. Mumford and Sons. And Kristen, occasionally, a bit of Miley Cyrus, as well. And Garrett liked to play a lot of country as well. Whereas I was still listening to Elvis Costello and The Clash.

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