Erik Odom, Jim Sturgess, Guri Weinberg, Kate del Castillo Mention Kristen and Rob

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"It's basically about shoe designs," he explained. "I play a young shoemaker who has a foot fetish, so the whole idea is about foot fetishes and shoemaking, basically. So another Hollywood blockbuster."

Jim has yet to meet co-star Kristen but he is obviously well-aware of her work.

"No, I've never met her, so it'll be exciting," he enthused. "I know who she is. I've seen her in some great movies. She did a film called 'Adventureland' that I really liked."

And how exactly will his character, Elizabeth's and Kristen's all fit together?

"Elizabeth Banks plays a therapist who is trying to coax me—who's been hired by my family to coax me into making shoes again. I'm sort of a retired shoe artist. I now work in, like, a Payless shoe store. I've given up on shoes all together. So they bring in Kristen Stewart's character as a muse, and I fall in love with her feet basically. I don't even look at her from the knee down until [gestures at feet]. I saw some audition tapes, her feet look pretty amazing."

When we told Jim of Kristen's recent foot injury (on display at this year's Oscars ceremony), he was quick to (jokingly) explain the situation:

"She was doing foot training," he said. "Working those muscles."

Source Later this year Jim Sturgess is expected to start shooting The Big Shoe in which he will star opposite Kristen Stewart. The actor describes it as a film about foot fetishes and shoemaking. He hasn’t yet done exhaustive research on the work of his co-star. He admits he hasn’t seen any of the Twilight series films the brought Stewart to international fame.

When asked if might watch them now he says “probably not.” But he did view some of her independent films and he says: “I thought she was really great.”
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SBC: Did you get to work with Kristen Stewart? I heard she was in the movie and if you did, did you share any scenes with her?

KC: No, she was not in the movie. I think she did some voices only but I definitely met with her and she is amazing, she is a sweetheart, she was really nice with me, but I played many things with her brother Cam. Jules and her whole family are amazing; I wish [Kristen] would have played a role in the movie because she is a great, amazing young actress.

Odom has high praise for the movie’s stars, Stewart and Pattinson — a real-life couple and fodder for the tabloids.

“Meeting them, I was surprised at how down-to-earth they were. It was sweet to watch them together on set,” he said. “Just talking to them ... how smart Kristen is for how young she is. She’s just so intelligent and I can see how she’s had a full career at such a young age.” “She has the mind of a director. I wouldn’t be surprised to see, as she gets older, her transitioning into her own films because she has such a strong voice on set. She had such a strong vision of where she wanted to take Bella and she takes her there. You see it in ‘Part 2’ when she comes into her own as a vampire.”

Odom, a self-confessed “hopeless romantic,” says he believes the appeal of the “Twilight” series is its timeless romance element — and the chemistry between Stewart and Pattinson made it a hit on-screen.

“(The filmmakers) really got it right with Kristen and Rob as far as the casting went,” he said. “There’s been such an overlap of how iconic the characters are, but also how iconic Kristen and Rob are — both on their own. When together, it became bigger than anyone could’ve imagined.”

Without a doubt, fans just couldn’t get enough of that on-screen romance between Edward and Bella. But what about their off-screen one.

“It’s a movie within a movie, isn’t it,” Weinberg laughed. But, that’s as far as we could get. “You know, I tend to stay away from commenting on other people’s relationships,” he added. “You know, they’re both wonderful people, and I wish ‘em all the best.”

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