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HollywoodChicago.com: I found Kristen Stewart’s performance to be very memorable. What do you think she understood about Mary Lou that audiences would never see if they just know her as Bella Swan?

Salles: I first heard about Kristen about the time she did ‘Into the Wild,’ early 2006, and she was recommended to me for ‘On the Road.’ So we met, and once we started to exchange ideas about the book, not only did she know it inside out, but she also had an in-depth understanding of the Mary Lou character. She realized that Mary Lou was ahead of her time – a free thinker and an independent decision maker, given she was a woman during the 1950s.

Kristen, in her independent film work, drifts towards roles in which women are independent and have a voice. She fought for the role with everything that she could, it was very moving. She got access to hours of interview with the late Luanne Henderson, who was the real life basis for Mary Lou, and that material was truly inspiring for her. She realized how sensitive and how non judgmental her character was, and it freed her to give a three dimensional quality to that character. I find her performance to be moving and generous.

Source For starters, we asked Stephenie her standout memories of the “Twilight” cast. “One of the first is when I first visited the set and I went out to dinner,” she began. “I hadn’t met anyone in the cast. They were coming from dinner and they were delayed. They came straight from a gallery shoot where they were all in character costume, make-up… the whole bit. So the first time I met them, they were dressed up like my imaginary friends. That’s not something you get every day.”

She continued: “With Kristen (Stewart), it’s hard to pick [a best memory]. The one I think of first is filming the wedding scene. It took a really long time and it was freezing cold. A lot of the time, we were holed up in the garage of a house that we weren’t shooting in so we had all the gear there. Kristen was in her wedding dress—this really beautiful, satin gown that fitted her perfectly. She was very tired.”

The actress was “just so funny,” the 39-year-old novelist said. “It was near the very end and she was just realizing that this was it, this was the wedding. It was just fun, kind of relaxing in those circumstances. That is memorable for me.”


stuff Kristen Stewart was invited to be in the film when I saw her Into The Wild in 2006, and I had no idea the Twilight saga was about to dominate, but she remained closely tied to it for many years. She did say she was thankful it didn’t happen around filming the Twilight films; she had read On the Road and understood Marylou's character, but also said that it would had been hard for her to get all the layers right for her character since she wasn’t mature enough.
tcdailyplanet "There's nothing better than seeing somebody you admire, or someone who embodies Julien Macdonald," he said. "I like girls like Beyoncé or Kristen Stewart, they are amazing women. Iconic. They are part of a new generation. When she started wearing my clothes it was amazing!"

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