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For The Runaways was it beneficial Kim is still around? 
Yeah. The first day of shooting that I was involved with, Kristen Stewart said, “If you want to sit down with Kim Fowley then I can arrange it.” I said, “That would be great.” So Kristen and Joan Jett and myself and Kim Fowley met at a Denny’s in The Valley. We had dinner together. And Kim brought his albums…not his vinyl albums, but his photo albums and his newspaper clippings and all this stuff and he told, basically, his life story to me from the time he was a child to where he was at sitting across from me at that table. Yeah, it was incredible. It’s kind of a blur. I can’t say I remember a lot about it. He was talking very fast. I know he was sick as a child. But his parents were all right.

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What’s it like reading about your personal life and/or daughter’s personal life in the tabloids?

JS: If you read that you are crazy. People write things that aren’t true all the time; they make things up to sell their papers. We don’t buy into it. We don’t care; they could write whatever they want. A couple of years ago, when I was in the grocery store I read that my daughter was having an alien baby. It’s like, really? [laughs] You deal with it. It’s rubbish and it’s a desperate attempt to get people to spend their money.

I read that you did a cook-off with Kristen on your Twitter. Is that true?

JS: Kristen loves a good challenge. We agreed to do a lasagna cook-off and we had all of our friends over and they were judges. Kristen won the cook-off and I was really proud of her.

@LouiseSarah46 asked if you could see Kristen Stewart as a director in the future and what advice would you give her

JS: Absolutely. Again, don’t give up. You can do it. If you have the idea and you have the imagination, you can do it. For Kristen, I think she is brilliant and she probably will be a writer/director/producer in the future.

A lot of Kristen’s fans have embraced you and are now your fans. How does that feel?

JS: I think it’s awesome. I am so proud of my daughter. I think in today’s world, she just knocked it out of the park. I am thrilled that she is her own person. She is smart and funny — she is Kristen. She is a unique commodity in this world, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I would back her up in any situation.

Do you have any plans to work together?

JS: I am not writing anything specifically for her. I would love to work with her. As a writer/director, it’s fun to work with anyone who is extremely talented, who brings more to the character than you could even imagine yourself, and I think Kristen is one of those actresses.

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