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Source If Kristen Stewart wants to give up acting, she may have a career in...professional golf!

"I can spank a golf ball," Stewart told me today at the Sundance Film Festival premiere of her new drama Camp X-Ray. "My dad says that. I totally ripped off my dad."

While she joked that she's "way too cool" to wear traditional preppy golf attire, Stewart says the sport isn't new for her. "I started playing when I was younger with [my dad], a dorky activity and hobby," she said.

In Camp X-Ray, she plays a guard at Guantanamo Bay who becomes friends with one of the prisoners. Lane Garrison, who plays a fellow guard, said golfing helped them unwind after filming the "heavy and intense" film.

"We built a driving range in the prison and I brought like 400 golf balls," he said. "We would go out there and hit about 100 golf balls. She has an amazing swing."

"She needs to do a golf movie," he said. "People will go see it. Maybe make it an action golf movie—golf with vampires."

Yeah, he went there.

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