Fan Pics + Tweets of (Director) Kristen in Nashville

thanks and via FierceBitchStew

"@_birnah Just met Kristen Stewart and got to be in a music video that her friend was making!!! #happy #Nashville #KristenStewart #exchangestudent"

"@_birnah she was just behind the camera haha I'm just walking by in the video, don't know if they will use it ;)"
"Yes that's me holding Kristen Stewart and Courtney Lynn and sage and the saints. Just came into our gig. They were filming a video. We got to be in it. #bella"
"licialoulou: Kristen Stewart behind our store today. #kristenstewart #bettiepageclothing #work #dayinthelife"

"Working with Sage + The Saints tonight" 
"stumbled into being part of a random music video shoot, directed by Kristin Stewart. Nashville is a weird place."
"Tonight I met #KristenStewart and she was super cool and super sweet! #Sage+TheSaints"

"Pic of Kristen between sets at Sage & The Saints. She was hard at work & the entire gang was there. <3 div="" her.="">

"Went well! She was really into it. You could tell she was passionate about it. She was always behind the camera."

"When they wanted to get her attention, they called her Kristen Jaymes and sometimes just Jaymes. <3 div="">

"Kristen Stewart directing my friends music vid"

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