Fan Pics of Kristen on Set Last Week+Tweets About Filming

You can't really see much of her, but you can tell where she is because of the hair.

Max Landis @Uptomyknees Kristen Stewart in a violent brawl with Walton Goggins is just one of those things that you didn't know you wanted to see til you saw it.
Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart beating the shit out of people History Of Violence style is just generally surprisingly gratifying.

Laurie'siana' @GeauxTwilah They're about to blow up stuff!
I'm in complete awe right now. RT @JustB_93: @GeauxTwilah So exciting you get to see K filming again tonight... in her element!
She's perfectly performing her scenes! Love that girl SFM!
She's yelling the same thing over and over again... not gonna say what, though.
She's not speaking. She's yelling. ;) RT @cocoapurl: @GeauxTwilah :) Is she speaking with an accent?
 Such an amazing AMAZING night at the set. Jesse & Kristen were amazing... and so were their stunt doubles! :)
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