Olivier Assayas Mentions Kristen

Next to Juliette Binoche, who is the lead character in Sils Maria, we find a certain... Kristen Stewart! How did the Twilight star end up with Olivier Assayas and why did he choose her?

Absent from the traditional photo-call and press conference of Cannes, today, Kristen Stewart finally made an appearance on the Croisette to walk the stairs of 'Sils Maria', next to Olivier Assayas, Juliette Binoche & Chloë Grace Moretz.

We had the chance to interview the director Olivier Assayas to ask him why he had chosen the Twilight star, which we weren't really expecting of him, let's be honest! In the interview, he actually admits he was shocked she accepted his offer! 

OLIVIER: When I saw her briefly, in a friendly way, I had the feeling that there was something special about her, or in any case, something different than what I knew of her in the world of cinema. And it's true that when I wrote that character, which is as old as her and from her generation etc.. I had the feeling that it was worth trying because I was convinced that there was something in her that had never been seen before, had never been caught on screen. That, herself, had not exploited in any film a complete dimension of her personnality. I was sure that if she agreed, it would bring something great to the film. And it did happen. It was way beyond my biggest expectations. There was some sort of competition of dialogue between her and Juliette that gave life to this strange duo.
My next film will be shot in the fall in Chicago. It's a genre film. A mafia and crime story. It takes place at the end of the 1960s. There will be an international cast. 

ALLOCINE: And Robert Pattinson is confirmed?

OLIVIER: Yeah, yeah. 

ALLOCINE: And does it have anything to do with Kristen Stewart or is it a coincidence?

OLIVIER: Oh, no. It's a total coincidence. Total coincidence. (laughing) No.. A coincidence. 

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